International Wolf Center

Experience the International Wolf Center from the comfort of your own home! Through our unique webinars, you’ll learn about wolf behavior from our ambassador wolves and hear from guest speakers who will share their knowledge and research. The IWC has several upcoming webinars and access to recorded webinars. Check out their website.

Understanding Minnesota’s Changing Climate

All are invited to a Zoom presentation, "Understanding Minnesota's Changing Climate," by Dr. Kenneth Blumenfeld of the Minnesota State Climatology Office (Department of Natural Resources), on May 2 at 5:30 p.m. This presentation will break down observed trends in Minnesota’s climate, emphasizing the ongoing changes in the quantity, timing, and intensity of precipitation, the rapid … Continue reading Understanding Minnesota’s Changing Climate

Midwest Bumble Bee Identification, Ecology, and Conservation

This course is designed for anyone who wants to reliably identify bumble bees to species in the field, including conservation professionals, students performing research on bumble bees, and volunteers who want to take their identification skills to the next level. We will cover 24 common and uncommon bumble bee species including the endangered rusty patched … Continue reading Midwest Bumble Bee Identification, Ecology, and Conservation

Minnesota Biological Survey April 14 – Online

Learn about this 35-year-old survey of Minnesota’s native plants, animals, plant communities and landscapes. The survey contributes to the conservation and management of our state’s biodiversity. The presentation will include history, current focus, future direction of MBS and how citizen volunteers can help. Our presenter, Bruce Carlson has been supervisor of the MN Biological Survey … Continue reading Minnesota Biological Survey April 14 – Online