Publications for Minnesota Master Naturalist

Sparky Stensaas, photographer, naturalist and all around good guy, is offering a special discount to Minnesota Master Naturalists!  He usually comes to the Gathering Partners Conference and has his books there.  Since we were unable to gather this year, he is offering 30% discount on the field guides offered on his site, Use the … Continue reading Publications for Minnesota Master Naturalist

Newsletter: SMINC – July 2020

The Sally Manzara Interpretive Nature Center (SMINC) has been closed for public visiting since Minnesota Executive order 20-04 was announced in March. On June 29th our Board decided that, due to the fear of spreading COVID 19, and concern for the safety of our volunteers (most of whom are in the "vulnerable" age group) we … Continue reading Newsletter: SMINC – July 2020

JOBs: Mississippi Park Connection

Young People Working In Parks With the long-term goal of creating a park staff that is more representative of the diverse communities it serves, Mississippi Park Connection has several positions that provide experience in a variety of roles in the environmental sector. Help us find the best candidates by sharing these opportunities with your community. Visitor Services … Continue reading JOBs: Mississippi Park Connection

Newsletter: Sunfish Lake Park – Lake Elmo

Our New Decade 2020-  has started off very well.  Sunfish Lake Park is covered with beautiful white snow and animal tracks, except for the road and the parking lot, which the City of Lake Elmo has been clearing almost as soon as the snow has stopped falling. The City has been grooming the trails for … Continue reading Newsletter: Sunfish Lake Park – Lake Elmo

Newsletter: MyMinnesotaWoods – Jan. 2020

New version of Woodland Stewardship book available online We’re happy to share that the revised edition of Woodland Stewardship: A Practical Guide for Midwestern Landowners is now available! This book is designed to help woodland owners identify goals for their property and work with a professional forester to choose the management practices that will help … Continue reading Newsletter: MyMinnesotaWoods – Jan. 2020

Advanced Bidding for Tiny Bird Art

Advanced Bidding for Tiny Bird Art open now! Still FESTIVAL space available— GALA TICKETS 2020 Boreal Wings Gala featuring Michael Hurben's Global Working Big Year... and some awesome bird photos! Michael is legally blind, yet his passion for birding and bird photography propel him to the far corners of the world. Hear his stories and … Continue reading Advanced Bidding for Tiny Bird Art

Newsletter: Yard and Garden News – Jan. 2020

January Gardening Tips Watering orchids Did you know? Additives to tap water can be detrimental to orchids. Add half-strength orchid fertilizer to reverse-osmosis water to water orchids. You can find it at many grocery stores. Reverse-osmosis water has no additives.  Also, it's good to know whether your type of orchid prefers to be continually moist or … Continue reading Newsletter: Yard and Garden News – Jan. 2020

Newsletter: Minnesota Historical Society

Upcoming Events: Minnesota History Center MUSIC HISTORY TRIVIA • JAN 7 Music nerds and novices, join Ryan Cameron of Let It Be Records and musical guest Dan Israel for music and free rounds of music trivia. Compete for First Avenue concert tickets and other prizes, and come early to see the First Avenue exhibit for … Continue reading Newsletter: Minnesota Historical Society

Newsletter: Cedar Creek – winter 2020

Happy New Year to all of you from snowy Cedar Creek!  Attached please find the first quarterly newsletter of the new decade - covering some of the accomplishments of the recent past as well as highlighting exciting upcoming events and programs. As always, we've got great stuff going on and we hope you will be … Continue reading Newsletter: Cedar Creek – winter 2020

Newsletter: New findings: zebra mussels, Asian carp, Phragmites, and more

Researchers at MAISRC wrapped up six projects in the fall of 2019. Outcomes include: The distribution of invasive Phragmites was mapped in Minnesota for the first time, and researchers investigated its spread potential and developed strategies for coordinated response. An identification guide, map of occurrences, and region-specific management recommendations were created. Learn more here.   … Continue reading Newsletter: New findings: zebra mussels, Asian carp, Phragmites, and more

DNR Commissioner’s Advisory Committee

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is recruiting new members for its Commissioner’s Advisory Committee on Natural Heritage.  The committee advises programs within the department’s Ecological and Water Resources Division, including the Scientific and Natural Areas program, nongame wildlife, Minnesota Biological Survey, native community management, rare resources, and terrestrial invasive species. You can read the … Continue reading DNR Commissioner’s Advisory Committee

Lawns to Legumes: Fall Program Update

Thank you for your interest in the developing Lawns to Legumes program. Read below for program details and upcoming workshops.  What does this program do? Lawns to Legumes will offer workshops, coaching, planting guides and cost-share funding for installing pollinator-friendly native plantings in residential lawns. The program will also include a public education campaign to raise … Continue reading Lawns to Legumes: Fall Program Update