August events at Cedar Creek ESR

Details, registration information and more are always available on our Facebook Page and website. There's even a calendar mode on the website now, thanks to a request from a savvy community member. August 4th, 9am-11am: Red-headed woodpecker hike August 15th, 2pm-5pm: Intern research symposium August 17th, 10:30am-3:30pm: Dragonfly survey August 17th, 3pm-5pm: Bumblebee survey August 21st, 12pm - … Continue reading August events at Cedar Creek ESR

Minnesota Water Resources Center – Minnegram Summer 2018

Minnegram Summer - 2018 contains many interesting articles: Estimating annual chloride use in Minnesota Alycia Overbo and Sara Heger, Water Resources CenterSalt is used every day in many applications.  People add salt to food, apply salt to pavement and roads after snowfall, and use salt in their water softeners.  While salt is inexpensive to purchase, … Continue reading Minnesota Water Resources Center – Minnegram Summer 2018

VOL: National Park Service – July Newsletter

The staff at MISS and MPC are gearing up for a busy spring season! If you would like to assist the park at an advanced level, please consider becoming a volunteer crew leader. Volunteer crew leaders are essential to the habitat restoration program. At large (and small) volunteer events, crew leaders take on the responsibility … Continue reading VOL: National Park Service – July Newsletter

Cedar Creek – July Newsletter

Education at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve: The education arm of Cedar Creek strives to be an inspiring catalyst and outstanding resource for lifelong science education in Minnesota and beyond. Our goal is to build a pathway of science literacy and learning through engaging hands-on experiences at a world-renowned field station. Our activities are standards-driven … Continue reading Cedar Creek – July Newsletter

Scavenger Hunt and Photo Contest – Maplewood – July

Join us and celebrate National Parks & Recreation month in July!  Maplewood is hosting its annual Photo Scavenger hunt!  People of all ages are invited to visit 5+ of our beautiful parks, preserves and open spaces throughout Maplewood and take a picture at each site.  The top voted photo will be featured on the cover … Continue reading Scavenger Hunt and Photo Contest – Maplewood – July

AIS Detectors Quarterly Newsletter

Introducing the AIS Detectors Class of 2018! Earlier this spring, the second annual cohort of volunteers completed their online and in-person training to become certified AIS Detectors. Following two years of training, the AIS Detectors program has grown to include over 200 Detectors, located throughout the state of Minnesota and beyond. The new Detectors have … Continue reading AIS Detectors Quarterly Newsletter

International Water Institute – June Newsletter

International Water Institute Our mission: To foster watershed stewardship through leadership in decision support, environmental monitoring, and educational programming. Watershed Education The International Water Institute utilizes a cross-curricular approach to watershed science utilizing the “4 C’s”: CHALLENGING participants to collect and think critically about scientific data CREATING a sense of responsibility and stewardship for local waterways … Continue reading International Water Institute – June Newsletter

Xerces – spring issue of Wings

Grasslands are among the most threatened habitats; easy to build upon or plow up, they are often the first to go. This issue of Wings looks at the beautiful wildlife that grasslands support, and some of the management problems faced by conservationists. Xerces staff members have provided three essays in this issue that focus on … Continue reading Xerces – spring issue of Wings

Tour Native and Sustainable Yards

Wild Ones Twin Cities - Summer Tours of Native and Sustainable Yards: Two different tours for folks concerned about water management and quality, and the pursuit of ecological health via natural gardens and landscapes. Saturday June 30 Sustainable Yard and Home Tour 
 - Definitely come to be inspired ! Date: Saturday June 30 - … Continue reading Tour Native and Sustainable Yards

MyMinnesotaWoods Newsletter – June 2018

UMN Extension launches Master Woodland Volunteer program Are you an engaged woodland owner that wants to spread the good message of woodland stewardship? University of Minnesota Extension is pleased to announce its new Master Woodland Volunteer program. Designed for engaged and informed woodland owners, this program includes a commitment to be a steward to your own … Continue reading MyMinnesotaWoods Newsletter – June 2018