Backyard Bumble Bee Count

July 23-August 1, 2022 Join us for the 4th Annual Backyard Bumble Bee Count!  Backyard Bumble Bee Count is an iNatualist citizen science project that will help the various organizations and agencies committed to conserving the endangered rusty patched bumble bee and all bumble bees.  Anyone, anywhere with an iNaturalist account can take part in … Continue reading Backyard Bumble Bee Count

BWBR Virtual Biome Course Assistant

Goals: To support the Master Naturalist state program team and participants in online biome courses by attending live Zoom sessions. Essential responsibilities: Attend all Zoom meetings for a 6 week virtual BWBR course.  Zoom meetings will take place every other week from April 12 to June 12.Take attendanceAnswer questions and provide links in the chatMonitor … Continue reading BWBR Virtual Biome Course Assistant

Volunteer to be an iNaturalist verifier

Are you a MN Master Naturalist that needs a few more volunteer hours this year? Or are you interested in learning more deeply about a plant in 2022? Consider helping invasive plant specialists identify plants of concern in iNaturalist by selecting a species and watching this 22-minute training video. This can all be done in … Continue reading Volunteer to be an iNaturalist verifier

Do you Instagram?

We are looking for a MNAT Instagram Administrator If you’re a Minnesota Master Naturalist Volunteer, you likely spend a good deal of time enjoying and exploring the outdoors.  Are you snapping photos of the many interesting and beautiful things you’re seeing while out there?  Maybe even settling in to research some of those things when … Continue reading Do you Instagram?