Webinar: AIS Series – April 29th

Image of Eurasian watermilfoil on a white background with the text "Aquatic Invasive Species Webinar Series"

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Could genetic biocontrol change how we manage aquatic invasive species? Find out at our next webinar in just ONE WEEK: Using Genetic Engineering to Combat Invasive Species featuring Dr. Michael Smanski

About this webinar: Recently developed tools for Precise Genome Engineering have ushered in a number of novel proof-of-concept technologies for pest control. Termed ‘genetic biocontrol’, these approaches allow researchers to essentially convert the pest organism into a pesticide. Released genetically engineered biocontrol agents would spread deleterious genes into the pest population, leading to a local eradication. This talk will introduce several types of genetic biocontrol, describe how they work, and give a status update on technology development efforts. A question-answer period will allow attendees to learn more about this promising and possibly transformative class of technologies.

Thursday April 29th, 1:00pm CDT

For more information, please visit: AIS Webinar