VOL: Tamarack Nature Preserve – April 22nd-25th

Tamarack Nature Preserve — a rich fen in Woodbury, Minnesota. As we celebrate Earth Day 2021 this week, the Tamarack Nature Preserve Stewards, in partnership with the City of Woodbury, has organized the 4th annual Trail Clean-Up Event. This year, as last year, it will be held “separately, but together,” as we help to take care of this unique wilderness area. Here’s a link for all the details: https://www.tamaracknaturepreserve.org/events 

When: Thursday, April 22, through Sunday, April 25, at your own convenience

Where: Tamarack Nature Preserve (see the map below) – Main parking lot is at 1825 Tower Drive, Woodbury, MN

How: Dress for the weather, wear good footwear and bring gloves, as well as your own collection bag(s). Stay on the trails and safely pick up trash,

tie up your bags, leaving them at one of the designated spots for the City to pick up. You may even try the Swedish activity of “Plogging,” picking up trash, while jogging!

Who: This is a family-friendly event (children must be accompanied by adults), for anyone who wishes to help care for this special place. Every effort

helps! And you may meet like-minded others who share an interest in protecting nature. Please maintain social distancing.

Why: The Tamarack Nature Preserve is a rich fen that is ecologically sensitive and special. It provides native habitat for birds, mammals, insects,

amphibians and plants. It is also home to one of the southernmost stands of naturally-occurring tamarack trees in the state.

Experience the adventure of walking over the wetlands on the beautiful new boardwalks (thank you, City of Woodbury!) and hiking on the shady woodland trails. Breathe deeply, slow down, look for signs of spring to see what’s blooming, and keep your eyes peeled for birds and other animals who are returning for spring. For those who wish to walk on flat surfaces, there are also paved trails edging part of the Preserve’s perimeter. 

Once you’ve picked up trash, try to estimate how much it weighs and consider inputting your data into this community science project: Mississippi River Plastic Pollution Initiative After all, the Preserve’s wetlands flow via Battle Creek Lake and Battle Creek, into the Mississippi.