ADV: AIS Detector Core Course

The latest updates on the AIS Detectors Core Course

Join us in the next cohort of the AIS Detectors Core Course!

Hello Minnesota Master Naturalists! Are you looking for a fun way to earn advanced training hours and learn about aquatic invasive species in Minnesota? We have the course for you!

The AIS Detectors Core Course is a fun and engaging way to improve your aquatic invasive species (AIS) knowledge. This course provides participants with high-quality training, developed and reviewed by AIS experts. Participants learn principles of aquatic ecology; AIS identification, impacts, and biology; Minnesota rules and regulations; and how to prevent the spread of AIS, perform surveillance, and report potential AIS findings.

Registration is open for the AIS Detectors Core Course! We’re excited for the return of this course to our annual lineup after the disruptions caused last year by the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve updated all our content and modified our workshops to be held in a virtual format for 2021. Join us now to learn more about aquatic invasive species, how to identify invasive fish, plants, and invertebrates, how to report aquatic invasive species, and much more!

For more information or to register, please visit: AIS Detector