VOL-AIS: Stop the spread of Spiny Water Fleas

MAISRC has a new prevention campaign focused on spiny water fleas. This is a wonderful opportunity to use your training and talents as an AIS Detector and help keep the lakes in your community spiny free!  

As an AIS Detector, you know that this tiny zooplankton disrupts lake food webs and can have serious impacts on the growth of young walleye and perch. More recent research has found that recreational  fishing gear, particularly fishing line and downrigger cables accumulate spiny water fleas, and that residual water in boats, live wells, and bait buckets can harbor these tiny creatures, fostering their spread to additional lakes. With no tools even in the research phase to manage them and over 50 Minnesota water bodies already infested, including Mille Lacs, the risk of further spread is extremely high. The severe infestation at Lake Mendota in Madison, WI, indicates that this species is not just a problem for northern lakes. And though unlikely, because of their complex and highly adaptable reproductive strategy, all it takes is one individual to yield a new population. Prevention truly is the only tool we have right now, but fortunately, stopping the spread can be as simple as wiping down fishing gear with a cloth and wiping out spaces where water collects.

For more information or to register, please visit: AIS Detector