ADV: Adult Painting – Nov. 23rd & Dec. 21st

Dodge Nature Center is now offering hour-long virtual painting program for adults, filled with painting instruction and educational clips featuring a different subject in nature every month. As with nature journaling, painting instruction increases observational skills and expands ways of thinking about and seeing the natural world. The class is taught by two naturalists who will discuss the subjects of the paintings: Minnesota wildlife, like Barred owls and Red foxes.

The next upcoming program is Paint By Nature: Night Owl and features our Barred owl, Shakespeare (see the attached picture for what people will be painting!). Participants have the option to purchase a kit that includes all the materials they’ll need for the program ($45), or just access to the virtual program ($20). You can find all the details and upcoming programs here:

·         Monday, November 23 – Paint By Nature: Fall on the Farm

·         Monday, December 21 – Paint By Nature: Snow Vixen