ADV: World Fish Migration Day – Oct. 22nd

Do you value our rivers and waters in North America?

Learn from leaders in the field of river restoration and fish passage from across North America including Plymouth town leaders, The Nature Conservancy, NOAA Fisheries, and the World Fish Migration Foundation as North America celebrates World Fish Migration Day with a free, two-part webinar on October 22nd. The webinars will give you a deep dive into industry knowledge and professional efforts to restore river connectivity throughout the United States. There will be awesome drone footage and stories of community conservation and dam removals all led by local organizations and community members. Public policy and sustainability will be a big focus across speaker presentations and content, too. Featured speakers include Bob Irvin, CEO of American Rivers, Julie Turrini of Open Rivers Fund, Darius Coombs of the Wampanoag Mashpee tribe, and many more. 

The event title is Rivers Full of Fish Webinar because that is what we hope to achieve through our WFMD efforts! Rivers Full of Fish is part of a global initiative to spotlight the importance of migratory fish ecology, economy, and people. 

On World Fish Migration Day, thousands of organizations, schools, and communities organize events to educate and excite people about migratory fish species in their regions and our collective reliance on healthy free-flowing rivers. These events help reach students, teachers, resource managers, commercial and recreational anglers, as well as those who influence public policy that affect rivers.

The two-part webinar will take place on October 22nd at 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm EST.  Please visit for more information (including program) and to register. And please send this invitation along to any contacts that may be interested in attending!! A program book is attached with more information on the webinar platform and speaker list.

We look forward to meeting you virtually in celebration of free-flowing rivers! Should you have any questions, please email