ADV: Tree Identification Workshops – March 23rd, April 20th, June 8th, August 10th, October 19th

TreeCareAdvisorAbout Tree Identification Workshops

Beginning in 2020, the Tree Care Advocate will begin offering Tree Identification Workshops. These workshops will span the course of the year and allow individuals to attend specific topics related to identification.

These workshops are intended for those that have limited or no experience related to identification. We recommend those interested take the workshops which best address their weaknesses in order to establish a well-rounded identification skillset. Workshops will begin by covering the basic concepts and knowledge needed to begin identifying and will then prioritize tips and tricks to help aid the identification process. Please note that each class will be limited to 30 individuals, so if you already have a well-established or advanced tree identification knowledge, we encourage that you kindly leave space in these classes for new and less-experienced individuals.

The workshops are as follows:

  • Winter Tree ID – March 23rd
  • Shrub & Vine ID – April 20th
  • Woodlot Plant ID – June 8th
  • Deciduous Tree ID – August 10th
  • Conifer Tree ID – October 19th.

All workshops will be from 9am to 12pm on Mondays primarily off-campus. Each workshop has a fee of $28 except the Shrub & Vine ID workshop which is $38 to cover parking on campus. All details like location, walking distance, etc. are available on our Tree Identification Workshops webpage.

These workshops are open to anyone that is interested. We are focusing on beginner level skills so this would be great for those newer to the content.

Registration and payment is available online: