VOL: Wildlife Watching Project

Offal Wildlife Watching Project Launches!

If you sent in your photos last year from a game cam on your deer gut pile (offal) this is what was seen across the state of Minnesota!

Across the globe, hunters harvest thousands of animals every year. The remains they often leave in the field provides tons of high-quality food for scavenger species. In Minnesota alone, roughly 200,000 white-tailed deer are harvested every year resulting in thousands of pounds of offal that is available to scavengers. What and when species visit this resource can vary based on habitat and human presence.

The researchers employed remote cameras to better understand scavenger species visitation to these hunter-provided resources across different biomes and human use landscapes. Hunters across Minnesota used their own cameras and donated pictures of scavenger species at their deer offal piles. Now they need your help identifying all the species.

In this project, we will show you an image taken at a hunter provided offal pile. We need you to identify the scavenger species pictured. We are excited to see what you find and what ideas you have!

Get involved at www.zooniverse.org/projects/embeller/offal-wildlife-watching

Follow the project on twitter: @offal_watch

WARNING: This project may not be suitable for some volunteers as it shows images of animals feeding on the remains of deer.