Farms & Woodlands Course

Farms & Woodlands: Opens November 21, 2019

We know how deeply you care about your land. That’s why we’ve developed the Farms and Woodlands program especially for landowners who want to get the most out of every acre of their land.

This comprehensive education program teaches landowners about the importance of an ecosystem-centered approach to farm and woodland management. It concludes with an action plan to create a more resilient property.   

Education to Fit your Schedule

Twelve self-paced modules are offered online. Each module contains exercises and group discussions. Complete the work on your schedule, while still contributing to group learning. Three in-person meetings and two virtual meetings will be held to help answer your questions and to provide an opportunity to meet with and learn from professionals and fellow landowners.

Comprehensive Learning

After completing the Farms & Woodlands program, you will

●       Have an expanded vision for your land,

●       Know how to make your property more resilient, 

●       Have at least one on-the-ground project that can be implemented, and

●       Know which professional to contact if you need assistance.

For more information or to register, please visit: FarmWoodland