VOL: Cover it up! Citizen Science Project to help manage buckthorn

buckthornThe Cover It Up! Citizen Science Project works with volunteers throughout Minnesota to explore how we can use native plants to control buckthorn.

What’s the problem with buckthorn? Common buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica) is one of Minnesota’s most notorious invasive plant species. Originally introduced in the 1800’s as an ornamental plant for hedge rows, buckthorn has now invaded forests throughout the state and can be found in almost every county.

Buckthorn devastates native ecosystems as it shades out native plant species and reduces habitat quality for wildlife. Minnesotans are working hard to remove buckthorn, but keeping buckthorn out for good is an ongoing challenge. After its initial removal, buckthorn quickly returns through resprouting from cut stumps and from seeds in the soil.

Please spread the word the New: Cover it up! Citizen Science Project to help manage buckthorn is up and running with this website: https://coveritup.umn.edu/ They’re currently recruiting volunteers so please spread the word!

Questions about Cover it up! go to Lori Knosalla:

Program Coordinator | Cover it Up! Citizen Science Program | coveritup.umn.edu

University of Minnesota | umn.edu | 612-226-2426