PRAIRIE TUESDAY – promoting Minnesota’s Amazing Prairies and Grasslands

July is Grassland Month in Minnesota! If you’re out exploring and find yourself wanting to post your great finds on social media, consider using the hashtag #Discovertheprairie (crafted by the one and only, Phil Doll).

And speaking of social media and outreach, it’s PRAIRIE TUESDAY, which means it’s time for the release of Season 2 of the Prairie Pod. Episode 1, “A lost prairie butterfly gets reintroduced (Dakota Skipper reintroduction at Hole-in-the-Mountain Prairie)” is live now!

New episodes will air each Tuesday from now until August 27. Thanks for all that you do for conservation and promoting Minnesota’s amazing prairies and grasslands!

Season 2 Episode Lineup:

August 13 Episode 6: Bringing Diversity Back, Baby (Restoration Series: Interseeding) Guests: Jeff Zajac, MN DNR, Curt Vacek, MN DNR

August 20 Episode 7: How do I know if I’m doing a good job? (Prairie and Grassland Monitoring)

August 27 Episode 8: The hills are ablaze (Restoration Series: Fire Management in Prairies) Guests:  Joe Blastick, TNC, Chris Smith, Wildlife Research & Consulting Services, LLC

You can access it on our website or stream through iTunes or any other app you normally use to listen to podcasts (Search for Minnesota DNR Prairie Pod).