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Nirobox MEGA Seawater Desalination System: Fluence’s system is a modular, high-output and highly-efficient seawater desalination solution that offers pre-treatment reverse osmosis and energy recovery device (ERD) – all housed in a single, self-contained 40 foot shipping container. Read details

Water Cooling for Industrial Businesses: New cooling water technology from Suez protects assets and prevents corrosion with chemical automation, as it continuously measures and applies the right amount of chemistry for corrosion, deposit, and microbiological control. Read details

Hollow Fiber Forward Osmosis Membrane: Toyobo’s FO membrane generates stable water currents at a low-pressure loss for turning the turbine, withstanding the high water pressure needed for efficient osmotic power generation. Read details

New Prototype to Desalinate Seawater Sustainably at Low Cost: The technology developed at Politecnico di Torino uses porous material to collect seawater and solar energy to evaporate it. Recycling the solar heat through several cascade evaporation processes allows record productivity of 20 litres of drinking water per day for each square meter of seawater. Read details

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