VOL-AIS: National PlayCleanGo campaign

pcg_logo_lgFabulous volunteers, I invite you to join us in guiding the national PlayCleanGo campaign as a member of the national PlayCleanGo Advisory Council. While it sounds lofty, the group is made up of individuals just like you who are passionate about the great outdoors and the role our natural resources play in our lives.

As we move into the new year, the Council will have four vacancies to fill, all of whom are critical to the long-term success of the campaign.  They each represent a key stakeholder group whose perspective is invaluable in shaping outreach strategies that will engage their respective communities.   The open positions include the following:

  • Land management organization or partnership (1/2019 thru 12/2021)
  • Recreationist – Motorized terrestrial (1/2019 thru 12/2021)
  • Recreationist – NonMotorized terrestrial (1/2019 thru 12/2019)
  • Recreationists – Motorized aquatic (1/2019 thru 12/2020)

This next year the Canadian Council on Invasive Species is launching a bilingual campaign in French and English.  Then with the addition of CONOBIO, the Mexican secretariat on Biodiversity, as a PlayCleanGo partner and their work on a Spanish translation, the campaign has become a continent-wide endeavor.  To sustain that momentum, the current Advisory Council will include both a Canadian and a Mexican liaison.  In return, the U.S. will have a liaison on the Canadian Council.   So this is a great time to get involved in a growing and truly exciting adventure.

The Council meets online once every quarter – Jan, Apr, July and Oct for a 2-hour meeting.  Each member is also on one of 4 sub-committees (Sponsor Program, Website, Partner Matls and Newsletter) that also meet 4 times a year between full Council meetings.  So, members can expect to spend roughly 16 hours of work throughout the year.  Each Council position has a three-year term, with 4 of the 13 Council members rotating off each year.   So, you’ll note that the positions listed above end in different years.  Those joining in the middle of a particular term (the latter two listed above), may renew their membership for the next term if they so wish.

If you love nature and want to protect our natural resources for generations to come, please consider joining the PlayCleanGo Advisory Council.  If you or someone you know is interested in participating, please contact me at the address below.

Thanks for your consideration and thank you for your continued support of PlayCleanGo.

Susan Burks, MNDNR Forestry / Invasive Spp. Prog. Coord.

Contact: Susan.burks@state.mn.us