ADV: Positive Psychology, a short course

UMNExtensionExtension leadership & civic engagement educators Denise Stromme and Lori Rothstein are offering a free online short course in January on positive psychology.

This course is a learning opportunity to strengthen your resilience and well being. It’s just the pick-me-up you need to get through the cold January weather. Discover ways to cultivate positive emotions, increase your engagement at work and in your community and foster healthy relationships as you deliberately integrate tools that will help you bring your best you to your life.

Four elements of the short course

  1. Dive into learning. The short course will take a look at positive psychology research tips and tools that will help you live and lead with intention.
  2. Connect with others. You’ll be grouped with other participants in Mindful Learning triads. These partnerships will give you a chance to meet others and learn together.
  3. Compete in a challenge. Each day will offer an opportunity to earn points as you put what you learn into practice.
  4. Engage with a supportive community. Participants will be part of a closed Facebook group.

The course will help you be more present and intentional as a leader. It includes daily activities to deepen your learning, engage with others, and a challenge to encourage you to implement what you’re learning.

Learn more and register at, and feel free to share with colleagues and others in your networks.