ADV – Where are the Monarchs and Milkweeds – webinar – Nov. 27th

Monarch Conservation Webinar – Where are the Monarchs and Milkweeds? Crowd-sourcing, modeling, and surveying across the West

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Title: Where are the Monarchs and Milkweeds? Crowd-sourcing, modeling, and surveying across the West

Date: Tuesday, November 27th, 2018. 2 PM Eastern Time

Presenters: Emma Pelton, Conservation Biologist and Candace Fallon, Senior Conservation Biologist, the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

Description: From a few hundred records to nearly 50,000, over the last few years, the Xerces Society and partners have built an interactive, publicly accessible database of monarch and milkweed records across the western U.S. They use crowd-sourcing and existing databases as well as conducting coordinated field surveys and engaging citizen scientists to quickly fill information gaps about where and when monarchs and their habitat are found. The database has already been used to create and improve habitat suitability models for monarchs across seven states which are being incorporated into many conservation planning and monitoring efforts. Other uses of the database include the creation of region-specific nectar guides, a better understanding of where to (and not to) plant milkweed, and influencing the prioritization of on-the-ground restoration efforts. Help us keep gathering data and putting it to good use for western monarch conservation!

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