MyMinnesota Woods – newletter – Nov. 2018

MyMinnesotaWoodsUpcoming webinar: Forest inventory with LiDAR

Natural resource managers are increasingly turning to cutting-edge technologies for a less expensive and robust forest inventory. In northern Minnesota, a high-density LiDAR-derived forest inventory project is underway across multiple ownerships. This webinar will discuss the methods, accuracy, and costs in implementing high density LiDAR in forest resource assessments at landscape scales. Register for the November 20 webinar today!

Have you winterized your trees and shrubs?

Did you know that most tree and shrub damage in the winter isn’t due to the cold weather? Extension professor Gary Johnson provides a number of tips on preparing your trees and shrubs for winter. There’s not a lot that can be done to help trees during the winter, but you can take steps to prepare them for winter.

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