Prairie and Pothole (PP) Training

SaintJohnCourse to be offered in the summer of 2019:

Join experienced instructors Kyle Rauch and John Geissler and amazing guest presenters in a beautifully biodiverse 2944 acre classroom. Saint John’s features a natural arboretum with a 150 year history of stewardship at the unique convergence of prairie and deciduous forest. This program allows participants to study natural history, environmental interpretation, and conservation stewardship with all the advantages of being connected to a University. Summer is a great time of year to see prairie wildflowers, insects, birds, and more.

Final certification comes with the completion of 40 hours of volunteer service. Individuals interested may not register for single programs—the training is intended for those committed to attending all meetings listed.

All participants will work towards completing a capstone project over the course of the week. The 40-hour course will run July 22-26, 2019. Daily schedules will vary to take advantage of weather, guest presenters, field trips and natural occurrences. Plan for two evening sessions (Tuesday and Thursday) to allow for a shorter day on Friday, July 26.

For more information, please visit: Minnesota Master Naturalist