VOL-AIS: Zebra Mussel Searches – Beltrami County

Beltrami County needs help from AIS Detectors! The county is looking for AIS Detectors to conduct zebra mussel searches on the docks and lifts that get removed from lakes this season. If you live on a Beltrami County lake, you can inspect your docks and lifts and your neighbors’ (with permission). Negative findings are just as important as positive finds. If you inspect any local docks/lifts, please report the:

  • Address
  • Date
  • What was examined (dock, lift, etc)
  • Zebra mussels found? (yes or no)
  • Approximate number (if present)
  • Average length (if present)

Report to Bruce Anspach (Bruce.Anspach@co.beltrami.mn.us or 218-333-8281). Please contact Bruce if you would like training on how to conduct dock or lift searches as well.