ADV – Birch Bark Wall Art – Nov. 3rd

Crafter Courtney Dowell invites learners of all ages and abilities to create a beautiful piece of art from nature. We will explore our art project resources by venturing outside and harvesting supplies like birch bark, twigs, and more. Then, learners discover how to process and prepare resources for crafting. We connect our resources harvest to knowledge of trees by learning some tree anatomy, as well as winter tree and shrub ID. As we create a unique piece of art with guidance and demonstration, Courtney shares tips for crafting with nature, instructions for continuing your project at home, and more ideas for nature crafts. By the end of the workshop, you will walk away with art from nature that could make a great addition to your home or a gift for the holidays. So register today and get crafting!

***Note: $5/wall art

*Long Lake will provide birch bark and all supplies. Individuals can choose to purchase one or more wall art pieces. Similarly, families may choose to create one piece or purchase wall art supplies for each person.

For more information, please visit: Minnesota Master Naturalist