VOL: Children’s Water Festival – Sept. 26th

Children’s Water Festival (Metro) needs more volunteers! Held at State fairgrounds on Sept 26. Jobs available are: Lunch helper, water arcade team, Water drop costume, Presentation helpers, set up/take down. floaters. If you are interested, contact Andrew Edgcumbe, aedgcumbe@co.carver.mn.us

That’s right! It’s the 21st year of the Children’s Water Festival!!!! That means twenty one years of educating children on the principals of water, twenty one years of teaching children how to protect our water, and twenty one years of producing a greater appreciation of our most essential resource!  All of that could not have been accomplished without the great help by you, all of our volunteers! Thank you! We are looking for this year’s volunteers!

Last year, we expanded to 1,500 students from 1,300 in 2016, with the main goal to influence more fourth graders. This year, plans are expanded to 1,800 students from the 7 metro counties, and your help is needed! Visit our website (www.metrocwf.org) to view photos/videos from previous years!

This AMAZING program is made possible by many generous contributors, including volunteers just like you! In fact, it takes over 125 talented and enthusiastic individuals to make this possible! Below is a list of volunteer opportunities. Volunteer positions are filled on a first come, first served basis.  If you are interested in volunteering send your name, email address, phone number, affiliation, and volunteer interest to me at aedgcumbe@co.carver.mn.us.

Volunteer Positions

GREETER GUIDES: 17 volunteers are needed to be greeter guides, a new position to the festival. Greeters will be stationed at the bussing area. They will greet teachers as they arrive and provide them with their packet, their schedule, maps, first responder info, and festival evaluations. Guides will then take the class to their first learning station and return to greet and inform the next arriving class. This will be repeated until all students have arrived. After all busses are unloaded, greeters will have time to visit and evaluate one or two presentations or help out in one of the water arcades, and be back to the bussing area in the afternoon to help load the busses for departure. There will be training in the morning for greeter guides. There will be a lot of walking required for this position. This position will run from 8 AM to 3:30 PM.

AREA GUIDES: 6 volunteers are still needed to act as area guides. Area guides will be stationed in designated areas around the festival to greet and assist with class movement from station to station and help spread excitement. During class presentations, area guides will check in with roughly 3 teacher to make sure they know where their next station is. Area guides will also assist with safety, presenter needs, and direct non-festival goers to the correct areas, etc. There will be training in the morning for area guides.  This position will run from 8 AM to 3 PM.

WATER ARCADE TEAM MEMBERS: 24 volunteers are still needed to assist with activities in our two Water Arcades where students have free time to explore different, interactive learning stations! Those include activities such as exploring aquatic bugs, creating water message magnets, pledging to reduce their water footprint, exploring groundwater through the Groundwater Model, or being encapsulated in Bubbleology!  If you can only commit a few hours, the Water Arcade volunteers are one of the few positions where you can volunteer for a portion of the day. This position can run all day or from 8 AM to noon or 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

WATER DROPS:  Do you have an outgoing spirit?  Would rather not be seen or heard at the CWF?  You have an enthusiastic soul and a theatrical spirit?  Then volunteer to be one of our two Water Drops!  The Water Drops are our mascots – consisting of a costume that looks like a giant water drop.  We could use at least 4 volunteers for these roles.  Two Water Drops are needed along with two assistants to accompany the Water Drops at all times.

PRESENTATION HELPERS:  A number of our presenters require assistants at their learning stations.   If you have an interest in assisting – and learning from a veteran presenter – then perhaps one of these volunteer positions might be for you!

COMPOST STATION HELPERS: During lunch we are in need 10 volunteers to help monitor our compost/recycle/trash station to ensure items get put in the proper location and educate students on what’s compostable, what’s recyclable and what’s trash. This is another partial day role running approximately from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM.

LUNCH HELPERS: 4 lunch helpers will be needed to assist the lunch coordinator transporting the lunches from the bussing area to the lunch area, arranging and providing classes with their appropriate lunches, and returning the lunches to the bussing area. Helpers will also assist with setting up the lunches provided for the volunteers. This job requires lifting and moving of lunches. This position will run from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM. 

SET UP / TAKE DOWN: 6 volunteers are needed to help with morning set up of tables and chairs and 6 volunteers are needed for afternoon take down. The morning positions runs approximately 7:30am to 9:00am and the afternoon positions run approximately 2:30 to 4:00pm.  This job requires pushing table and chair carts and loading and unloading the tables and chairs on them.

FLOATERS:  We also require a few “floaters” – to serve in last minute roles and to run errands for the CWF Coordinators.  If you have helped with the festival in the past and are okay doing multiple roles, this job is for you. You may be asked to substitute for another volunteer, help with registration, lunch, the water arcade, evaluations, set up, etc.  This is another role that can work for only a portion of the day.