VOL-AIS: Evaluate CD3 Boat Cleaning Station Effectiveness

Evaluate CD3 Boat Cleaning Station Effectiveness

Two Locations (Lake Minnetonka & Bryant Lake Park)

The Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center needs your help on a project evaluating CD3 Stations for water removal to prevent the spread of AIS.

Volunteers are needed to follow the posted instructions on CD3 stations to remove water from boats. The boats will be provided. You are not required to own a watercraft or bring your own in order to participate. Volunteer shifts will run from approximately 10am-4pm each day for a total of 4 days. You can volunteer for 1 day or multiple days. The preference would be to have most (or all days) completed this week, although there is flexibility for shifts next week as well.

If you would like more information or would like to participate, please e-mail Chris Anderson at tricoti@gmail.com with your availability over the next two weeks. If you aren’t familiar with the CD3 stations you can learn more here: https://www.cd3station.com/