MyMinnesotaWoods Newsletter – September 2018

Newest Master Woodland Owner course opens soon

It’s not too late to register for our newest Master Woodland Owner course! The St. Croix-Kettle River class is specifically designed for woodland owners near the Snake and Kettle River watersheds who are interested in learning more about woodland stewardship planning. This course is jointly offered by UMN Extension and the St. Croix River Association. Woodland owners in this targeted region will have the opportunity to receive cost-share assistance for a stewardship plan upon completion of the course.

EmpowerU: Advocating Invasive Species Management

In this new course, you can learn how to engage with decision makers in order to influence management decisions and stop the spread of invasive species! Learn who to contact regarding invasive species management, how to effectively talk with them, and where to find reputable information on the status of invasive species in your area. Participants in this course will gain the skills necessary to confidently share information with decision makers, give input on policies and plans, and be an active voice in land management around invasive species. Registration for EmpowerU is open until September 17.

Upcoming webinar: Tree genetics and forest regeneration

Understanding the genetic variation of trees is an important consideration for a diverse and healthy woodland. Join us for this webinar as we will investigate commonly used timber harvest systems and discuss regeneration options that maintain genetic variation. Dr. Andy David with the University of Minnesota Department of Forest Resources will present this webinar, and no prior knowledge of genetics or forest genetics is required.

A second life for trees

Emerald ash borer is killing ash trees at an alarming rate. University of Minnesota researchers are studying innovative ways to use that wood for good, and they have a project that could use your help! Learn how you can help create a second life for trees.

Why are there so many acorns this year?

With so many oak trees around, it’s no surprise that many homeowners and woodland owners have noticed the large “bumper crop” of acorns produced this year. So why is this year so special?

A (not so) alien invader

There’s been an explosion of a certain species of light green vine the past few weeks, prompting many to wonder what’s growing all over their fences, gardens and the side of the road. Its strange, spiky fruit only adds to the mystery. What could this prolific plant be?

What do you know about knotweed?

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is conducting a survey of natural resource professionals, volunteers, and landowners to learn about the educational needs and barriers to knotweed identification and management in Minnesota. Please take a moment to fill out their survey.

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