VOL: Biobliz – Mound Spring Prairie SNA

The Scientific and Natural Areas Program of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is hosting a bioblitz August 11 at Mound Spring Prairie SNA.  This SNA is adjacent to the South Dakota state line south of Gary, SD.

A bioblitz is a good opportunity for those interested to expand their knowledge regarding a variety of taxa while interacting with taxonomic experts in the field.  I suspect that the Extension Service works with many who have an interest in learning more about these organisms.  We are not sure which species experts will be participating this year; but last year – at another location – we had experts surveying spiders, dragonflies, damselflies, tiger beetles, butterflies, moths, vascular plants, reptiles, fish, and mammals (including bats).  All those experts have expressed interest in surveying Mound Spring Prairie SNA this year.  Additional specialists have also expressed interest this year, so I am anticipating an expanded effort at Mound Spring Prairie SNA.

Also, if experts from your organization would like to participate as group leads, that is fantastic.  If that is the case, I would appreciate a heads-up.   We will have a research permit issued for this day which conditionally allows certain pre-approved activities on the SNA by identified experts.

For more information, please view bioblitz or contact: Brad Bolduan

DNR Southern Region SNA Specialist

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

175 Co Rd 26

Windom, MN  56101

507-831-2900 ext. 241