ADV: Tree Care Advocate – Tree Essentials Workshops

Tree Care Advocate – Tree Essentials Workshops

Tree Essentials are a collection of educational workshops available to anyone that is interested. Whether you are a Tree Care Advisor, Master Gardener, Tree Inspector, or just a curious resident, you are welcome to attend. We cover an array of tree care topics and skills, with each date focusing on one specific topic. Tree Essentials workshops are taught by University of Minnesota faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students at the UMN St. Paul Campus UFore Nursery.

2018 Topics: Predicting/Preventing/Reporting Storm Damage, Plant Selection, Tree Identification, Plant Health Issues: Diagnostics, Managing Aggressives/Invasives, Gravel Bed Primer

Grafting 101, Pollinator Friendly Trees, Edible Landscapes, Nontraditional Pruning, Maintaining Shrubs and Vines, Best Planting Practices, Pruning Young Trees

Additional details regarding dates, fees, and registration can be found at: If you have any additional questions, please contact Ashley Reichard at