ADV: Phenology Training at Tamarac Wildlife Refuge – July 20th

Phenology Training using Natures Notebook:

On Friday, July 20th at the Tamarac Wildlife Refuge’s, Education Building I will be offering a one day class with a team of researchers from the University of MN, Forestry Department, on Phenology (Dr. Rebecca Montgomery and Chris Buyarski) The goal is to train volunteers and professional to collect phenological data using Natures Notebook’s protocols. This workshop is ideal for schools to use and share with students to get them excited about what is going on in nature. It also provides a long-term data collection for their school site. This data is also used by scientist’s Statewide to follow seasonal event, especially what is going on locally. It gives us a local connection to our changing climate.

For more information, please visit:  Minnesota Master Naturalist