AIS Detectors Quarterly Newsletter

AISHeaderIntroducing the AIS Detectors Class of 2018!

Earlier this spring, the second annual cohort of volunteers completed their online and in-person training to become certified AIS Detectors. Following two years of training, the AIS Detectors program has grown to include over 200 Detectors, located throughout the state of Minnesota and beyond. The new Detectors have hit the ground (or water!) running and are already making a difference in the world of aquatic invasive species!

What kind of impact can a growing network of Detectors have? A big one! Last year, AIS Detectors completed over 1,900 hours of volunteer service. In 2018, AIS Detectors have already logged over 1,400 hours of volunteer service! The summer is just getting underway, so we can’t wait to see all of the great work that you all do this year!

Welcome to all of our new AIS Detectors and thank you all for wonderful work that you do!

To view more information regarding training and volunteer opportunities for AIS Detectors, please visit: AIS Detectors Quarterly Newsletter