VOL: Extension Natural Resources Team Needs Your Help!

MMNatSummer Greetings to all Minnesota Master Naturalists-

I hope you are finding the time to get out and enjoy the summer weather. It was quite a leap from winter to summer!

Our Extension Natural Resources Team working on Invasive Species needs your help if you are a photographer and interested in invasive species. We are creating an identification guide for invasive species to be on on the lookout for in Minnesota. The guide will include plants, both aquatic and terrestrial, insects, and mollusks. This publication will be available by September. It needs to be ready for an event at that time.

We have identified the species, we need you to sign up on our Google form telling us you would like to help.

You will be committing to:

  • taking prescribed photos of the species you choose
  • uploading them to the private Flickr photo site
  • getting photo credit in the completed doc
  • Detailed instructions and plant list are at: umn.edu/ISPhoto
  • Helping create an AWESOME resource with your photo talents

We are excited to be crowd sourcing these photos. Other programs across the United States are watching us, to see how this works out. Let’s give them something to SEE!

Thanks in advance for you assistance with this awesome project. As always, if you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact Amy Rager