VOL – Become an AIS Detector

AISDetectorTaking the plunge to fight aquatic invaders

Cecilia Riedman and Stephen Long want to keep their lake healthy and free of zebra mussels and other invaders that crowd out native species, but they also care beyond their own waters. So they applied, together, to volunteer as Aquatic Invasive Species Detectors.  For more details of their involvement, please view: Source Magazine: UMN Extension

There is an in-person workshop offered as part of the AIS Detectors course. At the workshop, you will get the chance to meet other AIS Detectors, learn from University of Minnesota experts, and practice identifying AIS and their native look-alikes.This full day workshop will include lessons from AIS Detectors staff, hands-on time with specimens and models, and opportunities to ask questions and network. Lunch will be provided! You must complete the AIS Detectors online course before attending the workshop. Completing an in-person workshop is required in order to become a certified AIS Detector.

The course cost is $195 and includes course manuals and supplies.

AIS Detector Workshops are at the following locations: