ADV – Phenology Training 4-27-18 at St John’s


Phenology Observation Training  on Friday April 17, 2018.  9 am to 3:30 pm at St John’s Abbey Arboretum, St Joseph and Collegeville, MN 56321   

We need motivated nature observers and teachers!

Come join a team of dedicated “citizen scientists” and help with a statewide effort to study the phenological changes in the Northern Minnesota’s landscape. Climate change can be observed outside your back door as the forests, prairies and wildlife go through yearly seasonal variations.

Participants will learn about phenology, help determine key species to observe, promote the development of a phenology program for schools with application for classroom podcasts and contribute to a national website that is tracking these changes. They will learn the protocols for a number of species and how to access the Natures Notebook website to enter data.

The goal is to build a team of volunteers and educators to enter phenological data over the next 5 years. Data will be shared with the Abby Arboretum visitors through a variety of platforms.

Instructors: Rebecca Montgomery, Chris Buyarski, U of MN Forestry Department, John Geissler, Abby Land Manager, Stephan Carlson, U of MN Extension and John Latimer of KAXE Radio.

Cost: $50.00 includes lunch, materials and snacks. (Non-Master Naturalist $55.00)

The day will include both indoor classroom activates, PowerPoint, and outdoor observations, photo opportunities, walking in the woods, lunch, coffee, and snacks. Dress for April weather, bring a tablet or laptop and camera if you have them but it is not necessary. Wi-Fi will be available. Plan to upload “Natures Notebook” to your laptop or iPad before you come.

For more information, please select: St Johns Arb PhenologyTraining