Native Plant Community Training

The Minnesota DNR Divisions of Ecological and Water Resources, Forestry, and Fish and Wildlife are partnering to offer training in the use of the DNR Field Guides to the Native Plant Communities of Minnesota and how they can be used to help inform management decisions.

There will be two indoor introductory classes and six field classes. The intro classes include information on use of the native plant community (NPC) field guides, basic plant identification, and applications for resource management. The forest field method sessions include plant identification, soils information, NPC keying exercises, and discussions of management applications.

The prairie field sessions will each span two days: day 1 emphasizes plant identification and NPC keying and classification exercises, while day 2 has a heavier emphasis on management. We will also be offering 1-day classes on the identification of shrub species, a field session on the management of pine woodland NPCs, and a review of several mesic hardwood case studies.

Who are these classes for? Anyone who is interested – these classes are geared toward natural resource managers working in forests, prairies, and wetlands, but are open to anyone. The introductory class (or a similar intro class taught in past years, or instructor permission) is encouraged for those considering attending the Field skills or Applications classes.

How do I sign up? To register for these classes, please select: NPC_training_flier_2018