Volunteer – SnapshotSafari

When it comes to wildlife monitoring, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. That’s why the Zooniverse and the University of Minnesota Lion Center is launching a new citizen science project called SnapshotSafari, building on the successful model of its original project, Snapshot Serengeti. 

SnapshotSafari is a network of camera trap grids deployed in parks and reserves across southern and eastern Africa, in which collaborators have agreed to collect data in the same way to make it broadly translatable and allow for cross-site comparisons. The first round of sites hail from South Africa, Mozambique, and Tanzania, with many more coming soon from Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, and Kenya. Another project you may have worked on, WildCam Gorongosa, will also be incorporated into SnapshotSafari shortly. New sites will be added every few weeks for the first several months and the grids run continuously, so check back often!

We need your help to identify the species and behavior of animals in these photos and return the data to our reserve partners promptly. Researchers and conservationists will use your classifications to assess demographic and ecological trends in over 40 species of large African mammals, from aardvarks to zorillas. Evaluating how changes in the environment impact wildlife across temperature, rainfall, and geologic gradients will provide valuable feedback on the efficacy of current conservation strategies.

Please visit us at www.snapshotsafari.org to classify photos from the first six unique sites: the Association of Private Nature Reserves (South Africa), Gondwana Game Reserve (South Africa), Grumeti Nature Reserve (Tanzania), Niassa Carnivore Project (Mozambique), Ruaha National Park (Tanzania), and Season 11 of Snapshot Serengeti!

Many of you previously participated in Snapshot Serengeti, which will be incorporated into SnapshotSafari as of today. You can still access it through www.snapshotserengeti. org, or check it out through the SnapshotSafari portal at www.snapshotsafari.org. Your help in identifying wildlife found in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park has generated invaluable data that continues to aid in the analysis of wildlife population dynamics and development of adaptive management techniques. Thank you!

Thank you for your contributions to the conservation of African wildlife, especially our favorite, the lion!

Sarah and the SnapshotSafari & Zooniverse Teams