Cornell Lab of Ornithology News

CornellHundreds of thousands of people around the world contribute bird observations to the Cornell Lab each year, gathering data on a scale once unimaginable. Scientists use these data to determine how birds are affected by habitat loss, pollution, disease, and climate change. They trace bird migration and document long-term changes in bird numbers, creating species-specific conservation plans and targeted action to help birds find the resources they need to survive.

If you enjoy watching birds, consider harnessing your passion for conservation, whether that be watching birds at your feeders during the winter, monitoring birds in the nest, or sharing your checklists anytime, anywhere through eBird. You’ll be most welcome in our birding community!

Each year, thousands of people in the United States count birds at their feeders from November through early April for Project FeederWatch, enabling scientists to monitor changes in the distribution and abundance of birds. Using FeederWatch data, scientists have studied the influence of non-native species on native bird communities, examined the association between birds and habitats, and tracked unpredictable movements in winter bird populations.

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