Volunteer at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair

Minnesota Invasive Species Advisory Councils
We are looking for help with staffing the invasive species display at the DNR building at the State Fair.  It is only a few weeks away!

Please consider signing up or forwarding this email to people you know who may be interested.  Thanks!

This year there are three types of jobs available (each title is also link to a more detailed description and the site where you can sign up):

·        Staff the invasive species display

o   Talk with visitors about the impacts of invasive species and the actions they can take to prevent the spread of invasive species. The exhibit is in the main room of the building. You may have a background in aquatic or terrestrial invasive species.

·        Staff the PlayCleanGo pledge area

o   Talk with visitors to the DNR Building about the outreach campaign “PlayCleanGo: Stop Invasive Species in Your Tracks”. Share PlayCleanGo items, such as boot brushes, with participants.

·        Wear the Emerald Ash Borer costume

o   Wear the Emerald Ash Borer costume around the DNR grounds at the State Fair at noon and 2 pm. Give away educational materials and talk with visitors about preventing the spread of emerald ash borer. See this website for photos of the costume and additional description: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/vol unteering/statefair.html

We welcome your help and participation! We are able to provide you with a ticket to the Fair for the day of your shift. 

This year all DNR volunteers are being consolidated into a new software system.  To sign up, you need to create an account and fill out forms, but after you do that, you will be all set for any other DNR volunteering opportunities you do.

Here’s the basics on signing up.

·        To sign up, go to this webpage for the activity you are interested in:

o   Staff the invasive species display

o   Staff the PlayCleanGo pledge area

o   Wear the Emerald Ash Borer costume

·        Click the “Fill in an application” button on the upper right.

·        You have to create a username and password.  This would be your username and password for any sign ups you do using this system

·        Then it will ask you a bunch of questions.  Fill them all in.

·        The trickiest part is there a place where you need to upload an informed consent background check authorization form to move the system forward.  I have attached a blank version of this document so you can fill out ahead of time and upload it when you get to that question.  For the informed consent form, you have a few options here.

o   Print out the form and fill it out by hand.  Then scan the form or take a digital picture of the form and upload it.

o   Type in the form to fill it out and add a digital signature.  Then save it and upload the form.

o   Print out the form and fill it out by hand and then mail it to me at the address in my signature below.  Upload the blank document to the website when it requires you to upload a form.

·        After you’ve put in all the info on that page you click “submit application”.

·        Then you should be able to see all the shifts and sign up for what you want.  You may have to refresh the page.

·        After you’ve signed up, make sure you hit “confirm”.

I know it’s a bit more complicated on the front end then it was last year, but on the other hand it gets all the paperwork portions over with right away.

Thanks for your consideration and be sure to let me know if you have questions!

Laura Van Riper

Terrestrial Invasive Species Coordinator | Division of Ecological and Water Resources

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

500 Lafayette Road, Box 25

St. Paul MN 55155-4025

Phone: 651-259-5090

Email: Laura.Vanriper@state.mn.us