Starry stonewort – August 5th – state wide

Join us for a day (August 5 ) searching for one of Minnesota’s newest aquatic invasive species, starry stonewort (and other AIS). Starry stonewort is an invasive algae that was first found in Lake Koronis in 2015 and has since spread to 9 Minnesota lakes. Now we are asking for your help in searching other lakes to better understand its distribution in Minnesota. You can learn more about starry stonewort here.

You will be teaming up with volunteers across the state as well as volunteers in Wisconsin participating in a sister event (Snapshot Day) to help in the early detection of aquatic invasive species.

Rendezvous sites are located across the state and will be hosted by local agencies and organizations to search nearby locations (see map below for participating counties). Participants will meet at the local rendezvous site in the morning and will be assigned sites to search upon arrival. All participants will need to return to the rendezvous site to check-in and turn in an specimens and datasheets at the end of the day. Training will occur on-site when you arrive. No experience necessary!

For more information and a list of site locations, please select: Starry stonewort