Worm Watch – Summer 2017

Fascinated by worms? Want to help in the battle against forest invaders? The Great Lakes Worm Watch (GLWW) is a citizen science project involving volunteers from across the United States and Canada in earthworm research. It was developed by researchers at the University of Minnesota Duluth to collect long-term data on earthworm populations. Although new research is emerging about the effects of exotic earthworm invasions, very little is known about the distributions of earthworm and earthworm species across the region. As a GLWW volunteer, your contributions will aid in better understand earthworm distribution in particular the locations of the newly emerging earthworm threat Amynthas commonly called the “Jumping Worm”. At this special workshop for Minnesota Master Naturalists, you’ll learn about earthworm biology and the GLWW, and gain hands-on practice with several data collection activities. You’ll leave the workshop with specific knowledge on how to sample a site, enter your data on-line, interpret your findings, and engage your friends, family members, and neighbors in an exciting science research project.

For more informaiton, please download the document: Worm Watchers flyer 2017