Audubon Center of the North Woods – Activities – Summer 2017

ACNW summer camps enrich a kid’s perception of the world and connection with nature, as well as provide them with new experiences, opportunities for personal growth and a safe, fun environment where they can:*
  • soar to new heights traversing our high ropes course with a fun zip-line ride at the end
  • learn how to build an outside shelter and start a fire without matches
  • discover how to navigate through the woods using only a compass
  • canoe and swim on beautiful clear Grindstone Lake
  • perfect their target skills with atlatl throwing and archery practice
  • figure out how to traverse our low ropes course as a team without touching the ground
  • build campfires and learn how to cook over an open fire
  • gaze in wonder at the universe of stars in the night sky overhead
  • experience the thrill and adrenaline rush of rafting down the St. Louis River
  • realize a personal first by making it to the top of our climbing wall
  • ascend Ely’s Peak near Duluth by climbing the face and/or walking up the trails
  • pitch a tent at Jay Cooke State Park and explore the rugged beauty of the river gorge
  • get a close-up look at the macroinvertebrates, insects, reptiles & amphibians around us
  • give their leg muscles a workout biking along the Willard Munger Trail
  • gain new insights into the lives of animals through behind-the-scenes visits
  • … participant in many other exciting activities that are part of our camp experience

For more information, please visit: Audubon