Bird Sleuth News – February

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February 2016

Feeding Our Feathered Friends

Join us for a free webinar on bird feeding and get a free window feeder! Learn the basics of feeding birds, how to participate in citizen-science projects, and discover resources to ignite your students’ curiosity. Attend the whole webinar on February 8th at 6:00pm ET and we’ll send a window bird feeder to you at no cost!

Ready for a Feeder Experiment?

Our online, self-paced course, Integrating Inquiry for Educators, will give you the tools you need to plan real-world science experiments. To help get you started, we’re offering two free window feeders when you register for the course through June 1, 2017. With the help of this course and these feeders, what can you and your learners discover about your local birds?

Want to learn more about inquiry-based science learning and what this course has to offer before committing? Attend out our FREE webinar, Supporting Student Investigations, on Wednesday, February 15 @ 6:00pm ET or Thursday, February 16 @ 8:00pm ET.

On Bird Hill Activities

Settle in with your K-2 learners for a beautiful story of discovery in the whimsically illustrated On Bird HillThen dive deeper with activities from our Teacher’s Guide. Make a bouncing egg, build a nest, explore camouflage, learn what’s in an egg, and connect to the story through science, math, and art!

Art by Virginia Greene

Birds to Bring Back

From Archaeopteryx to the Ivory-billed Woodpecker, we’re exploring the history of extinct birds in our latest blog. Discover the causes of their declines, dig into related learning activities, and download free coloring pages to bring these birds back to life! We add new birds every Thursday, so be sure to check in and see all the birds we’d like to bring back.